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Business and Humanities - Student Testimonials

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Business and Humanities - Student Testimonials

Administration and Information (Technology for Business Year 2)

Catherine Love - "Having returned to Cavan Institute this year as a mature student I can sincerely say that my year here has been an amazing journey. I have met many people from all walks of life and the class atmosphere is both a positive and happy one. The subjects covered on the Advanced Business Course are extremely interesting and open up the doors of possibility into many different business environments. The tutors are approachable and are always happy to help in any situation. they have give me the confidence to go out into the work place and deal with people in many different sectors. There are a wide range of courses here at Cavan Institute and I may return next year to study again! The world is your oyster and Cavan Institute has helped me to believe that!"
Academic Term - 2012/2013

Business and Office Information Systems - Legal
Julija Demjanova - "In my experience, the tutors in Cavan Institute are very helpful and supportive. In class, I get excellent notes and handouts, which means when it comes to doing assignments, I am ready to go! A lot of the marks go for continuous assessment, which takes some of the pressure off at the end; it spreads the workload throughout the year. Coming here to Cavan Institute has given me the confidence in my own ability, and has helped me to decide what area is of interest to me and where to continue my studies."
Academic Term - 2012/2013

Sheena McMahon - "I believe this is a great course, with a wide variety of modules, something for everyone. There is a progression route to FETAC Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Administration, which is great because it is gradual and I will build up my knowledge and skills at my own pace. There is good direction and guidance from the tutors; they know my abilities and can advise me on progression. It is my first time away from home and I find Cavan friendly and welcoming. It has been easy for me to slot in. I have really enjoyed my year and I am coming back for more next year!"
Academic Term - 2012/2013

Business and Office Information Systems - Medical
Rebecca Cunningham - "The college is literally on my doorstep. I live only 20 minutes away. I find Cavan Institute is a very welcoming and friendly place, which has helped me to settle in. The tutors continuously provide support, which is a big help in managing the work load. This course is a great learning experience for me. My use of computers has been a great bonus. I find the medical module very interesting and I am learning new terminology all the time. There is a wide range of modules on the course, which give me great scope for further study. I am hoping to progress next year within Cavan Institute to a FETAC Level 6 award. I find there is a great work ethic here and a wide range of courses to choose from which is great."
Academic Term - 2012/2013

Business and Office Information Systems - Reception
Breda Kiernan - Cavan institute is very convenient for me, it is right here on my doorstep.   It has given me a great chance to get further education in Cavan and to progress from Level 5 to 6 to do the FETAC Advanced Certificate in Administration. I find the tutors are very helpful and approachable. We are all on first name terms. This makes it very easy for me, and other students, to ask for and get advice on progression, in a meaningful way, because the tutors know me and know my skills.  There are excellent computer facilities and Cavan Institute offers students a good opportunity to gain work experience, in your chosen field. Cavan Institute has opened up educational and career possibilities for me, starting with a Level 5 certificate  and now, hopefully next September to go on to do a degree. My plan is go to AIT next year and do a degree in Business Studies.  Cavan Institute has put me in a position where I can continue my studies and significantly improve my career prospects."
Academic Term - 2012/2013
Business and Office Information Systems - Insurance and Banking
Agne Simkovic - "Insurance and banking is a great course.  It has given me great opportunities to get essential computer and office skills.   All the tutors have really helped me throughout the course.  In addition, I have met lots of people from different parts of the country and also people from abroad, like myself.  My communication and language skills have really improved since I started the course.  I loved the work experience; I got to see how office work is carried out and this has really prepared me for future employment.  I recommend Cavan Institute to anyone that is willing to learn new skills and make new friends.  Above all, Cavan Institute is really a good place to study and get further education."
Academic Term - 2012/2013

Applied Social Studies
Deborah Sherlock - "When I finished my FETAC Level 5 award, I enrolled in the HETAC in Applied Social Studies and am now in my ordinary degree year in AIT (Athlone) ... I honestly believe that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasnt for the start, encouragement, guidance and help that I received during my time at Cavan Institute. It was the academic skills that I acquired during the two years at Cavan Institute that gave me the motivation, ability and drive that I needed to continue my studies in Athlone."

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care
Bernie Sheerin - "Through the work experience programme connected to the course, I met and worked alongside many different people in very different environments which more than prepared me for the rigours of the actual workplace. After the course I found work with the help of the contacts I had met through work experience. I have now been working full-time since leaving Cavan Institute and find my work with disability service very fulfilling."
Alison Cullivan - "Because of Cavan Institute, I achieve distinctions in many of my modules which gave me the confidence and interest to continue my studies. I got into Sligo Institute of Technology where I completed a BA in Applied Social Studies. Cavan Institute prepared me for what was ahead of me work wise and also in my work experience."