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Student Testimonials

Monday, 12 November 2018

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Students have been very kind to forward their own testimonials for courses they studied at Cavan Institute. Student testimonials are a useful tool to gain insight into courses, progression routes, work opportunities and college life. You can read more testimonials on our LinkedIn account.

Multimedia - Laura Kelleher

"After completing the Leaving Cert in 2013, unsure of what career path I wanted to pursue, I deferred my CAO offer for a year and chose to take a year to study Multimedia and Web Development in Cavan Institute. I did this for two reasons; one being I always had an interest in working with computers, and by studying this course I would get the chance to learn valuable skills that would benefit me regardless of what career path I found myself on at the end of the year, and thought it would be particularly useful due to the rate at which technology and the use of social media are advancing at present. Secondly, I decided to take a year to study at Cavan Institute, to bridge the gap between leaving secondary school and starting a third level college." Read more ...

Pre-University Law - Andrea Pownall

“My name is Andrea Pownall. I studied Pre-University Law at Cavan Institute for the academic year 17/18. I have always had a keen interest in Law, however, school just wasn’t for me. I ended up leaving secondary school in sixth year and I didn’t complete my Leaving Certificate.
At the time, I thought that I had completely ruined my chances of becoming a solicitor and working in the legal industry. I applied for the Pre-University Law course at Cavan Institute, expecting not to get accepted." Read more ...

Pre-University Art in Cultural and Heritage Studies - Sean McGovern

"After completing my Leaving Cert in 2016 and not getting the results I wished for I was naturally very disappointed, confused and not left with many options having gotten no offers. After weighing up my options I discovered the Pre-University Arts in Cultural and Heritage Studies in Cavan Institute and decided to apply. During the duration of the course, I was able to discover a great depth of history of my local area, gain an understanding of the Irish Culture and folklore, make some great friends and lastly experience life in the workplace and job interviews." Read more ...

Pre-University Arts in Cultural and Heritage Studies - Mary Kiernan

"I attended Cavan Institute in the 2016/2017 academic year as a full-time student on the Pre-University Cultural and Heritage Studies. I was a mature student, in my fifties, and enjoyed every minute of my time there. I was looking for a career change and this course came highly recommended by a past student. The course itself was very interesting with a range of modules including Heritage, Appreciation of Irish Culture, Local History, Folklore Studies and also modules that prepared me for going into the workforce. There was a great Communications module involving interview techniques, CV preparation etc." Read more ...

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Studies - Eli Mellor

"Without Cavan Institute, I doubt that I would be in the position that I am in today. I knew that I would not get the points needed in the Leaving Cert to do a Physiotherapy Course in Ireland, so I used Cavan Institute as a stepping stone to get into a University abroad. The course itself in Cavan Institute is filled with interesting topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Nutrition and Taping and Strapping." Read more ...

Childcare and Childcare Supervisor - Aine Smith 

"When I completed my leaving certificate I had no idea what I wanted to do. So, I opted to do a year in Cavan Institute in Childcare, this then progressed on to two years. The modules covered were excellent if you wanted to gain an insight into the early childhood sector in particular, child development and early childhood curriculum these elements were interesting but also are fundamental in the work place today." Read More ...

Pre-University Law and Administration and IT Skills - Devorca McCann

"I studied level 5 pre-university law and level 6 administration and IT skills. 

I chose to do the pre-university law course in Cavan Institute. It provided me with a great insight into the Irish law system. It provided me with practical skills that are required in the work place. As part of both courses one mandatory subject was work experience." Read More ...

Accounting Technician - Alex Vintea

Alex Vintea completed the final Accounting Technician exams in May 2017 in Cavan Institute and passed with flying colours.  Having no formal accounting qualifications prior to joining the course, Alex found the course difficult at the beginning but soon came to terms with the workload and managed to get through all his exams. Read more ...

Nail and Beauty Care - Sharon Monaghan

"I completed my work experience in December and as a result of my placement I was offered a full time job in May when the course is completed. I really enjoyed the course and the tutors are excellent. I am very happy with the course I choose to do and would recommend it to anyone.
I'm now working 4 days in a salon in Kells." Read more ...