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Tactfoot 2.1-torrent.rar

. Q: VBA: using a loop to put a textbox in front of the previous row I have a text box tbItemNo2. I also have a Text box tbSource and a combobox cboSource in the same sheet. I have tbSource going down and I have cboSource going down and I have tbSource going down and I have cboSource going down. And so on. I want to be able to click a button and the loop has to begin at the current row's first item number (Cells(row,1)) and continue to the next row's first item number. It cannot be a manual click. It has to be automatically, with a loop. I was trying to put this in a loop, but it is not working. Do While cboSource.ListIndex -1 cboSource.Value = Cells(row, cboSource.ListIndex).Value row = row + 1 cboSource.Select Loop A: You can use something like this Sub t() Dim r As Long 'Enter first value of combobox in cell A2, With Sheet1 r =.Cells(.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row For i = 2 To r .Cells(i, "A").Value =.Cells(i, "A").Value & cboSource.Value If i = r Then 'Display a msgbox to tell you if combobox can't find the next value MsgBox "No more items in the combobox" Exit Sub

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