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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Course Code: CI061
Course Level: 7
Award Title: Level 7 General Science
Duration: 1 Year
Science and Laboratory Techniques
Science and Laboratory Techniques

Entry Requirements

Direct entry via Cavan Institute web site. SUSI grants will be via IT Sligo. 

Course Description

Students enter Year 1 of the BSc (Level 7) in General Science at Cavan Institute to prepare for a choice of science qualifications provided by IT Sligo in subsequent years. This is the starting point for a successful and varied career in science. In Year 1, all the science subjects are taught (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) as well as Maths, Information Technology and Learning to Learn. Students will visit IT Sligo several times during this first year to become familiar with the campus and science programmes, meet students, access supports and do experiments. One of their first year subjects at Cavan Institute will be an online introduction to the Science programmes available to them from second year at IT Sligo. 

After successful completion of first year Science at Cavan Institute, students will move to IT Sligo, choosing one of four  Level 7 Science programmes

- Environmental Science
- Pharmaceutical Science
- Biomedical Science
- Occupational Safety and Health

They will join second year of one of these programmes and after successful  completion of third year will graduate with a BSc(Ordinary). They may then progress  to fourth year and obtain a BSc (Hons).  
Exit is also possible at the end of second year (Higher Certificate).
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Course Code: CI061FD
Course Level: 5
Award Title: QQI Level 5 Certificate in Fashion Design
QQI Code: 5M3865
Duration: 1 Year

Fashion Design
Fashion Design and Styling

Entry Requirements
Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied or LCVP or QQI Level 4 Award. Equal consideration will be given to mature applicants (those aged over 23) who do not meet these entry requirements.

Course Description

This course is designed for students that are interested in fashion design but also would like to incorporate make-up, hair and visual image styling. Students will explore current fashion trends and contemporary fashion styling. Through a wide range of creative and practical modules from styling and production to fashion media and make-up, students will gain professional skills within the broader fashion industry. The course is also suitable for students wishing to build a visual portfolio of products and images to gain entry to higher education courses. 

The course provides an emphasis not just on the design product but also on the post-design service industry, including styling, fashion shows, advertising and promotion.

Course Content
Design Skills
Fashion Styling
Fashion and Media Make-up
Creative Styling
Garment Construction
Fashion Industry and Design Studies
Pattern Drafting
Work Experience
Image Processing
Personal Effectiveness

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this course will gain creative and technical skills in the area of fashion, styling and make-up, preparing them for entry into employment or self-employment in the fashion industry or further study in a related area.

Progression Opportunities
Graduates of this course are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme for entry to year one of a range of higher certificate and degree programmes at Institutes of Technology and Universities (please check with the particular institution regarding local eligibility requirements).
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Course Code: CI061
Course Level: 5
QQI Level 5 Award Title: Certificate in Creative Media
QQI Award Letters: 5M5048
Course Duration: 1 Year
Computer Games Design

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied or LCVP or QQI Level 4 Award. Equal consideration will be given to mature applicants (those aged over 23) who do not meet these entry requirements.

Course Description
This course introduces students to the concepts and techniques involved in the production of 2D/3D animations, character modelling, stop motion and traditional animation. Students explore the creative process and animation principles whilst developing skills in storytelling and computer-generated graphics. There is an emphasis on the development of drawing skills which are fundamental to a career in animation. This course will provide students with the opportunity to produce the portfolio required for entry to Level 7 and 8 degree courses in animation in institutes of technology and colleges of art and design.
Course Content
  • Drawing
  • Animation Drawing Studies
  • Computer Illustrations Graphics
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Animation
  • Image Processing
  • Design Skills
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Music Technology
Work Experience
A minimum of 10 days of work placement must be completed in a relevant vocational area.

Career Opportunities
Ireland’s animation industry has undergone substantial growth in the last decade and has become a firm fixture in our digital and creative economy. It has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence and is now an accepted and respected part of the global animation community.

Progression Opportunities
At Cavan Institute: Students who successfully complete this course meet the entry requirements for the Level 6  Computer Games Development course or the Level 6 Multimedia and Web Development (Year 2) course at Cavan Institute. 

Elsewhere: Graduates are also eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme for entry to year one of a range of higher certificate and degree programmes at Institutes of Technology and Universities (please check with the particular institution regarding local eligibility requirements). 

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Student: Eli Mellor
Course: Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Studies
University: Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, Holland
Course: 1st Year Physiotherapy English Stream

Eli Mellor - Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Studies

"Without Cavan Institute, I doubt that I would be in the position that I am in today. I knew that I would not get the points needed in the Leaving Cert to do a Physiotherapy course in Ireland, so I used Cavan Institute as a stepping stone to get into a University abroad.

The course itself in Cavan Institute is filled with interesting topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Nutrition and Taping and Strapping. The knowledge that I attained in this course gave me a great start to University. I had a good foundation in the basics of Physiotherapy.

Outside of the course, the college is perfect for educating people on how to prepare for life in University by allowing them to take on a more responsible role in their education. This includes completing assignments, practicing self-study and meeting deadlines.

If progressing into physiotherapy is not for you, there are still opportunities available to work within the sports sector. Before I started my physiotherapy degree, I gained knowledge during the Summer of 2018 by working with various football and soccer teams as a sports physio throughout the Cavan-Leitrim region, but mainly with Gowna GAA. It allowed me to develop my skills in taping and strapping, performing sports massage and using first aid as well. All of these skills are very desirable in the world of sport.

My two years in Cavan Institute have allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a Physiotherapist and for that, I would definitely recommend Cavan Institute for anyone who wants to do Physiotherapy or become a Sports Physio."

Thanks so much for your words of advice Eli. We wish you all the very best with your studies and your career.

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Monday, 3 December 2018

Student: Sharon Monaghan
Course: QQI Level 5 and ITEC Nail and Beauty Care
Student Testimonial - Sharon Monaghan - Nail and Beauty Care

“My name is Sharon Monaghan. I studied Nail and Beauty Care last year in Cavan Institute.
This wasn’t my first time studying with Cavan Institute. I attended Cavan College in 2003 -2005,  studying reception studies and advanced business and computer studies. I then started a job in Quinn Direct/Liberty Insurance where I worked for 11 years. Unfortunately, in 2016, I was made redundant from my job.

In 2014 I completed a skin care, eye treatment and make-up evening course in Cavan Institute. I realised I had a passion for this type of work, so when I was made redundant I decided to further my education and return to college. I was keen to attend Cavan Institute because it isn’t too far from home and as I and my two sisters had previously attended here I knew it was an excellent college. I looked at the courses available and narrowed it down to Beauty Therapy or Nail and Beauty Care.
The Beauty Therapy course is a two year course and I was not able to commit to this. I looked into the Nail and Beauty Care further and it seemed to be ideal. It’s a one year course, it covers nail technology which includes gel and acrylic nails which are very popular in salons. It also covers manicure, pedicure, waxing, massage, skin care, eye treatments and make up. All of which are the main treatments in a salon.

I completed my work experience in December and as a result of my placement I was offered a full time job in May when the course is completed. I really enjoyed the course and the tutors are excellent. I am very happy with the course I choose to do and would recommend it to anyone.
I'm now working 4 days in a salon in Kells.  I do gel, acrylic, shellac, manicures, pedicure, waxing, tinting, massage, facials, microdermabrasion,  make up and tanning. I am working here almost 2 years. I started here after I completed my work experience while studying for the course.”

Thanks for your contribution Sharon. Continued success to you in life and your career.

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Friday, 30 November 2018

Student: Alex Vintea
Accounting Technician Student Testimonial Alex Vintea
Accounting Technician - Alex Vintea

Alex Vintea completed the final Accounting Technician exams in May 2017 in Cavan Institute and passed with flying colours.  Having no formal accounting qualifications prior to joining the course, Alex found the course difficult at the beginning but soon came to terms with the workload and managed to get through all his exams. 

He secured employment with Cavan Equestrian Centre as a junior accountant and is really enjoying his new role.  He decided to take the next step and successfully completed the Tax Technician Qualification through the Irish Taxation Institute in 2018.

Alex stated that ‘he loved his experience at Cavan Institute and found the teaching staff friendly and very helpful'.

Well done Alex and we wish you every success in the future. 

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Student: Devorca McCann
Courses: QQI Level 5 Pre University Law and QQI Level 6 Administration and IT Skills
Devorca McCann - Pre-university Law and Administration and IT Skills
Devorca McCann - Pre-university Law and Administration and IT Skills

"I studied level 5 pre-university law and level 6 administration and IT skills.

I chose to do the pre-university law course in Cavan Institute. It provided me with a great insight into the Irish law system. It provided me with practical skills that are required in the work place

As part of both courses, one mandatory subject was work experience. I believe that if I had not completed my work experience in a solicitor's office, I wouldn't be where I am today. The work experience gave me great knowledge on how a legal office works. I was also trained up on the software which is used in many legal offices.

I am now working in a solicitor's office, being trained as a legal secretary. My courses in Cavan Institute gave me a great insight and has helped me in many ways. I now have the opportunity to become a qualified legal secretary. I can progress to a level 7 Diploma in Legal Studies and Practice in Griffith College."

Thanks for your contribution Devorca. We wish you continued success in your career and life. 

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