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Cavan Institute

Eleonora Milevska

Fashion Design and Styling

"My name is Eleonora Milevska. I am 22 years old I am from Lithuania. I completed a QQI Level 5 course in Fashion Design in Cavan Institute. I am currently a Fashion Design and Technology in Womenswear student at Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

I was born in a dynasty of a seamstress, I love to look different and unique since childhood. My wish was to be a fashion design student but I was not good at drawing and did not have a strong portfolio to get in to University in UK. Cavan Institute made my dream come true! After just one year at Cavan Institute I had a portfolio and a lot of knowledge about the fashion industry. All tutors were extremely helpful, nice and very friendly. I am very thankful for their help. I have learned not only how to draw and create a portfolio, but also how to make patterns and sewing. The coat which I am wearing in the picture above is designed and made by me. The world of Fashion Design is a place without limits, where you can express yourself. Never give up on your dreams and Cavan Institute is there to help you achieve them!"

Fashion Design and Styling


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