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Cavan Institute

Lana McGahern

3D Design & Graphics

Interior Architecture and Design degree at ATU Sligo

Lana is from Longford and attended Moyne Community School. Lana studied 3D Design & Graphics in 2019-2020 at Cavan Institute. Lana is currently studying Interior Architecture and Design degree at ATU Sligo.

Lana chose to go to Cavan Institute after her leaving cert because she was not fully sure what design discipline she wanted to study in college.

Lana told us about her journey at Cavan Institute: "I went to the career days and open days at Cavan Institute during the summer and talked with career guidance who guided me in the direction of doing a general design course. This allowed me to study all areas of design and help me decide what area I wanted to go on to study.

I think this really helped me see which areas I was best in and which areas I gravitated towards more, although I enjoyed learning new software's (AutoCAD, Photoshop & Solid Works) and also the practical elements of the course (furniture making etc.).I knew I most enjoyed doing AutoCAD. The modules were all helpful to me and all the tutors were really interested in the work you were doing. This was something I felt really made me enjoy my time in Cavan Institute, you had the independence of a college feeling and the work you were doing but help was there all the time whenever you needed it.

I think what helped me most in Cavan Institute was how the tutors taught you the very basics and worked the way up to show you everything, this really allowed me to learn how assignments had to be done to the highest standard, even when it was something simple.

The continuous help from all my tutors was beneficial to me, they helped you through all your assignments and guided you from the start to the end of the assignments. My course was all continuous assessment which I enjoyed, this broke up the year and did not have you focused on one exam at the end of the year and rather had you working through from the beginning to the end and build a portfolio of work. This helped you to enjoy the classes you were in and the work you were doing in class was going to be marked and graded so you really tried your best when doing it."

3D Design & Graphics

2019 - 2020

3D Design and Graphics

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