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Cavan Institute

Monika Cerekaviciute

Childcare with Special Needs Assisting

Level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education

"There was no doubt in my mind about choosing to enrol in Cavan Institute after seeing the successes my friends have reached in their careers by attending this college.
It was the best decision I had ever made to attend here, not only because I got to expand my knowledge and earn a qualification in doing so, but also because I made friends for life who share similar interests as myself. I have my class tutors to thank as they were extremely supportive throughout the year and always offered a helping hand, even if I just needed a chat, or some guidance with an assignment.
Every single module that this course delivered was extremely beneficial. I found that having work experience as a module was especially useful because I got hands-on experience in this field of work and will now feel confident seeking full-time employment once I complete my Level 6 in Early Childhood Care and Education next year. I am also very delighted to say that I managed to get a summer job in the creche I did my work experience in. If there was no work experience module, I would not have gotten this amazing opportunity.
I know just how nerve-wrecking it can be having to sit a big exam at the end of the year, containing questions about everything you’ve had to take in from September until May. In that situation, a lot of us would crack under pressure and underperform, affecting our final grades. Luckily, Cavan Institute takes a different approach to assess their students, called continuous assessment. I found this method of assessment to be much more effective than any other form of assessment.
Having guest speakers come in and talk to us students was very advantageous as it gave us a greater insight as to what childcare and special needs assisting entails. We also got to do a Patient Moving and Handling course, first aid course, and a Lámh course. These courses are very beneficial to us students and I’m incredibly grateful that the college, along with my class tutors, provided us with an opportunity to complete them.
I am so happy I chose to enrol in Cavan Institute and I cannot wait to return this September to complete Level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education."

Wishing you all the very best in your studies and career Monika.

Childcare with Special Needs Assisting

2021 - 2022

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