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Cavan Institute

Tara O’Callaghan

Theatre Performance

BA Level 7 Performing Arts (Acting) in Sligo University.

Tara is from Virginia, Co Cavan and attended St Clare’s College Secondary School. Tara studied Theatre Performance in Cavan Institute from September 2021 to June 2022. Tara is progressing to study her BA Level 7 Performing Arts (Acting) in Sligo University.

“I chose Cavan Institute because I wanted to learn more about acting as I want to be an actor in the future. My modules helped me because they gave me a better understanding of acting and the theatre industry. My tutors and classmates helped me with the practical side of acting, as well as doing work experience. While doing my work experience, I found it very beneficial because it gave me a better understanding of working in a theatre setting. While in this course I learnt how to achieve my acting career by applying to higher educational progression links. Also, I would say that this course has greatly helped me develop my confidence.

I would advise students to give the Theatre Performance Course good consideration as you will meet like-minded people and develop skills and confidence in a supportive environment. I am progressing to Sligo University to study Performing Arts (Acting) to achieve a BA Level 7 Degree.”

Good luck with your studies and future career Tara.

Theatre Performance

2021 - 2022

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