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COVID Tracker App

The HSE and the Government of Ireland is asking everyone to help tackle coronavirus by downloading and using the COVID Tracker app every day.

Using the app will

give us a better picture of the spread of the virus

help carry out contact tracing

link you to excellent HSE health advice if you need it

keep you updated with notifications you can trust

How the Covid Tracker app helps us

Daily health check-in

The Covid Tracker app allows you to check-in every day, to let us know if you have any cold, flu or coronavirus symptoms, or if you’re feeling well.

This will help us map the spread of the virus in Ireland. Understanding how the virus is affecting the country will help us to manage and respond to this pandemic.

Contact tracing

The app uses your phone’s technology to make a record of when you are close to other app users. If an app user tests positive for COVID-19, the HSE can ask them for the records on the app. This will help us to contact other people who might have been affected, and give them the advice and help they need.

Your data and privacy

The COVID Tracker app will not:

publicly identify anyone with COVID-19

make personal data available to the HSE without your direct consent

use your data for any reason other than contact tracing and anonymously reporting illness levels

Be part of this national effort

Use this app for 1 minute a day to make an important contribution to the fight against coronavirus. Protect yourself, your family, your community and the most vulnerable in society. Encourage everyone you know to download and use the COVID Tracker app where possible.

Protection from Coronavirus. It’s in our hands.

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